Why Bernard Fonlon Matters

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Gerald Jumbam Nyuykongmo (pen name: Jerry Jumbam) attended primary and secondary school in Cameroon, his native country. He carried out Philosophical and Theological studies in St Thomas Aquinas’s Major Seminary (Bambui) and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity. He did Family Counselling organised by the Family Life Office (Kumbo) and obtained a Marriage Counselling Course Certificate. He holds a Licentiate degree in Moral Theology from the Pontifical Urban University Rome. He holds a Doctoral degree in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Lateran University Rome. He is currently professor of Intercultural Pedagogy at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas – ANGELICUM (Mater Ecclesiae).

Authoritative, well-written; the sum total study of one of the greatest African Christian intellectuals of the last century. The author’s candor, style, and penetrating psychological insights supply fresh perceptions of who Bernard Fonlon truly was. Unquestionably the most celebrated Fonlon scholar of our time. With a close and studied reading of the major events of this accomplished life, the ultimate case for Fonlon’s canonization is made. What emerges from this vital volume is a picture of a writer with a model firmness of resolve and a love affair with the delights and seductions of genuine holiness, a man anchored in a sharp and compassionate idea of the human longing for truth, moral decency and literary grace. This book is kind of a miracle. Richly researched, Gerald Jumbam Nyuykongmo has achieved the unimaginable and made Fonlon saint again. A remarkable accomplishment.


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